Monday, September 29, 2008


Ok, so my blogging is pathetic. I really wish I could find the time to post something everyday. I'd like to use the excuse that I am not wasting time on the net as much as I used to. And, it is a true excuse.

Yesterday Stinx and I went to Banff with some of my friends that I have known for literally decades. It was a pretty good trip. I was anxious about it since we even started talking about it. The idea of going somewhere with Stinx for a whole day was a little nerve wracking. Reason being: nap time. I was pretty sure Stinx wouldn't nap somewhere other than his crib.


I was right. I tried as hard as I could to get him to sleep at my friends place. I brought his sleepsack, his lovie (a taggie blanket), dimmed the lights, turned a fan on (I did forget the noise machine!) and used my greatest nap producer, the breast. None of which worked. After nursing for 20 some minutes, he was wide awake. Darn!

By 4pm my friends thought we should all go for a walk. I didn't bring a stroller and purposely brought my Toddlerhawk in case Stinx refused to nap. 10 minutes into our walk, Stinx was out like a light. He napped for 40 minutes, give or take.

It was nice though to get out of town and visit with friends I hadn't seen in a very long time.

Other than that, not much has happened, oh wait...

I did go to an Adoption Info night last week. That was super interesting. It was with an agency called Christian Adoptions. It was really informative and lots of my questions were answered. Myk and I are considering adopting... There is a Info Night with Child and Family Services this wednesday and I am hoping we will learn more about Fostering To Adopt.

But nothing has been decided. I am still taking prenatal vitamins :)

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