Monday, September 1, 2008

How It All Began

Sooooo. Perhaps some of you won't be surprised that I am doing a blog. I mean, it is me, the old zinester. I used to have something to write about all the time. Journals, zines, on-line journals, previous blogs. Some of you have probably read something I have written down before.

Here is my previous history of writing:
1. Journals/Diaries: It started in elementary school. Isn't that when every young girl discovers she can write her feelings out with pen and paper? Those lame mini diaries that come with the crappy lock and key (that anyone can pick!). It progressed in grade 7. I decided to write to God. I found that writing my prayers out was so helpful to me. This is a habit I haven't outgrown and probably won't. A day doesn't go by without jotting down a note to the Big Guy. In high school I had journals that were just for poetry and writing.

2. Zines: I started writing zines when I was 16. Heck that was 11 years ago. Wow that makes me feel old. I am ancient. My first zine was called Zither. It was a Christian Punk Zine. I did the first 3 copies myself and then had a "friend" aka Myk help out. This is actually how I met my husband but that it a whole other blog for a whole other day. So we did Zither and invited friends to write for it as well. Zither made it to a total of 7 zines. I also did Lantern Girl which was a personal zine full of my crappy poetry and writing. I really enjoyed this one. It lasted to 7 issues as well. I planned to continue this zine however when i moved back from winnipeg I found I just couldn't write anymore. I felt like I had nothing to say. And that was the end of my zines.

3. or something like that: My first on-line diary. I basically started doing all my writing on here. I wrote almost every day and loved it. But when I started at the shelter I felt I couldn't really say a whole lot anymore because of confidentiallity. So I gradually just stopped.

4. Myspace Blog: I had/have one there too. This one I only wrote in occasionally. However since I never check myspace anymore, its useless. At least I can go back and read it every once in awhile. It does have blogs from my pregnancy and early Stinx months.

5. Blogspot blogs: I have two of these, well 3 including this one. One of them is a mommy blog. it sucks. I never write in it much and mostly just complained about what a crappy sleeper my Stinx was. The 2nd one was good. It was all about the characters in my neighborhood. However, since I moved to a nice quiet street, there aren't any more interesting stories to tell.

Yesterday Myk and I were watching this sweet documentary about zines called : A Hundred Dollars and a T-Shirt. It totally reminded me of how much fun it was reading zines and making them. I seriously miss that era of my life. So I decided I will do a real blog. One that I will make public to whoever the heck wants to waste their time reading it (haha! thats you sucka!).

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