Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mmmm... Ginger Cookies...

Here is a picture from our little zoo trip yesterday. The great thing about going to the zoo in the first week of September is that no one is there! All the kids are in school and its too early for field trips. It was also 3:00pm and cloudy. Makes for a great time as you get such a good view of all the animals. Here is picture of our friends Dawn and Ava, and Stinx looking at the baby Gorilla born in May. Stinx was practically kissing him through the glass.

Here's a picture of Corb and Stinx waiting at the end of the trip. I'm only posting this picture because Stinx looks so menacing.. he reminds me of some of the "sketchy" guys I worked with. Something about the hood, and the layered jacket, and that oh-so-serious look that Stinx gives.

This morning Stinx and I went to visit our friend who just had her 2nd child. Her oldest is 18 months, just a week younger than Stinx. Her daughter is a whopping 3 weeks old. She is just a tiny little gem. We had a great time visiting. Stinx must remember his little pal because he kept wanting to hug him. Poor S. seemed a little caught off guard by all of Stinx' affection. It was adorable to watch though. One of the last times the boys hung out they were hugging each other and being really cuddly! Maybe Stinx remembered that. Too cute.
In the afternoon I decided to bake some Giant Ginger Cookies. I love the delicious ginger cookies at Second Cup and was hoping to make some similar. The only trick is that Stinx can't have wheat. So I have been using Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Gluten Free Flour. So far it has worked great - although I do notice a bit of an after taste... Myk says there isn't though...hmmm.. I also have some Spelt flour that I am going to try. Stinx does well with spelt and most of the spelt I've had tastes just like wheat. So we baked some cookies and they turned out splendid. Here's some photos of Stinx enjoying them.

I love how he has a milk stache in this last photo.

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