Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So, first things first, my apologies to those of you who check back here and find nothing new to read, I'm sorry! I suck. Yes, I do.

The long awaited news from the Breastfeeding Challenge, Bitta did nurse! Even if it was for a few seconds. Some good news though, she is nursing in public more often now so thats pretty awesome. Here is a picture of a cookie we received at the challenge.

Life has been a little crazy lately. I've been watching Bee, my niece, 3-4 days a week for the past 2 months. It's been both really great and really hard. Some days are awesome and some days suck. I feel like I am still adjusting to life with 2 kids and throwing a third in there makes it tricky at times, usually when both the littles need naps. Bee is a pretty easy going happy baby so that helps. I find that it is hardest for Stinx. He doesn't get the attention he needs when I am changing diaers, feeding or putting babies down for naps. I am trying to think of more ways to keep Stinx busy and occupied. Most of the time Stinx just runs around "tormenting" the littles. And I know its out of boredom.

I've also been really busy with craft fairs. I've done 3 already this season and I have one more to go. I can't wait to be done. I foolishly took on too many this year, 3 of them being back to back. I do loving making my Nerdsicles and the aprons but I need to take is easy. Here are some of my newest nerdsicles.

Poor Bitta is cutting about 3-4 teeth right now :( Poor thing. She's unhappy at the moment so I am off.

I'm hoping to blog soon about Stinx pre-school experience... and the lack there of currently.