Friday, September 12, 2008

My Nite Out

Wednesday's are my night out. I try to make plans with friends so I can get out of the house and interact with adults. Every once in awhile I forget though and sadly waste time on-line. However this past Wednesday I made plans with a friend.

Now in recent weeks, Myk and I have been discussing the bed time topic. I have been feeling like Stinx is needing to nurse less and less at bedtime. Sometimes he just doesn't want to. So I have felt like this would be a good time for Myk to learn how to put Stinx to bed. Myk has been pretty good with getting up in the night in the past but has never tried bedtime, mostly because Stinx always nurses before bed.

So on Wednesday night, Mike put Stinx to bed. I helped him with the bath and then took off to meet my friend downtown. While I drove downtown I realized that I hadn't told Myk to call me when Stinx was asleep. I thought about calling him later but then realized that the phone might distract Stinx (I usually unplug the phone upstairs but had forgotten). I ended up texting Myk and calling his cell. He never phoned me back. I had fun having coffee with my friend but I was also worried about how bedtime was going. Finally at 9:30pm my kind friend suggested I head home.

I very quietly snuck into the house. I thought there might be a chance that they were still awake. All the lights were off upstairs. I then heard Myk walking up the stairs. I headed over to talk to him. Woops. I accidentally freaked him out. He hadn't heard me come in, and it was pitch black (I didn't want to turn on the lights in case they were both still awake - I really didn't want to be a distraction). So I almost gave him a heart attack.

Turns out that Stinx went to bed very easily. No wining, no fussing, nothing! He went to bed super easy for Dad, and on time!

This now means that I can have a life at 7pm.

You see, before this, I could never go out at 7pm. For the past 18 months I've been stuck doing bedtime (which I really haven't minded). A couple months ago I wanted to take a Cloth Diapering 101 class but it was at 7pm. I wanted to attend a Foster Care Info Session, but it was at 7pm... I wanted to go to a tupperware party... but it was at 7pm. Ok, I didn't really want tupperware but it would have been nice to just go hang out.

On my Wednesday nite out's, I have always put Stinx to bed first, and then went out.

I feel like a free woman. And Myk feels great knowing he can put Stinx to bed.

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