Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beat Down

Lately Stinx has been taking the brunt of a lot of terrible two year old's aggressive behavior. I don't hold it against these feisty two year olds - I am sure Stinx will be there soon enough himself. But it does get exhausting after the same child has pushed him over like 5 times in 5 minutes. I have to give credit to the Momma's though, they try to stop it. Terrible Two's just don't look like much fun. I am dreading that stage.

We went on a play date today. It was good, except for the aggressive behavior. Whats more surprising to me is that it came from a cute tiny little girl. I find most little girls really sweet, but this one, she was sweet but also feisty. Her mom calls her "Firecracker". The little girl would push Stinx but then hug him right away or try to console him. I think she just liked to watch Stinx reaction.

This was the 2ND time we had met this Mom and her kids (daughter 2.5, son 5 months). I really like her. She also had emergency c-births, does extended breastfeeding (& tandem), cloth diapers, and also listens to punk rock. Sweet! I think we will try to go to the zoo with them when it's nice enough.

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