Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lots to Think About

Last night I went to the Child & Family Services adoption info session. I was really hoping they would talk about Fostering To Adopt. However, that wasn't discussed. They talked about the government adoptions, the kids needing families, pro's and con's etc. One great thing about adopting through them is that all the fees are covered. The adoption itself is pretty much free (minus a few fee's like police records checks etc), then they pay monthly fees that are the same for foster parenting until your child is 18 months. Then they cover some costs for counseling, on top of free counselling through Calgary Family Services. Almost all the kids are considered special needs but that could include a child with glasses, or a sibling group. Of course there are serious issues too such as FAS or attachment disorders. They said last night that most of the kids are 6-12, though sometimes they have 3 years and up.

I think I'd like Stinx to be the oldest child so that puts a damper on things, for at least a few years. I am thinking fostering to adopt would be better. That way I would have a chance with a younger child, and would hopefully be the only foster parent.

There is a foster info night next monday but Myk is out of town. I think I will have to wait until Novembers session. That gives me more time to think about all this though.

The other option of course is for a biological child. I think we'd start trying to concieve around december.

Speaking of pregnancies! This morning Stinx and I went to a playdate with most of the babies from our prenatal class. We get together every once in awhile. I think it had been about 4-5 months since we all got together. It was great seeing all the moms and toddlers. Except... That I was the only one not pregnant, and not trying to concieve. Most of the moms are like 4 months pregnant or more! Wow, these woman get down to business! I am just not ready to jump on that ship yet. I think I'd like Stinx to be a minimum of 2.5 years old.

So much to think about...

On a funny note - Stinx was exploring the new environment at our friends house. I was wondering where he was when I hadn't seen him for a few minutes. I started to worry a bit. I got up to look around the corner where he had been playing. He wasn't there. I then worried that he might have wandered upstairs. but just as i was entertaining that thought, I heard the muffled cry of my child. I panicked, thinking he had been stuck somewhere for ages. I realized the sound was closer to the living room where we had been sitting. Turns out Stinx had opened the kitchen pantry and shut the door on himself. He must have been content for awhile because the pantry was close to where we were. He must have started crying when he heard me calling him.

Poor lil Stinx. So courious.. and loves doors way to much!

On another note - Stinx is saying about 20 words now! yay!

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