Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Farm Hand

My parents are on vacation and had my grandparents looking after all of their animals. My grandpa got sick though and needs to take it easy. So it was my job to care for the "flock" on the week end while my other grandma takes over again on Monday. I don't mind feeding all the pets and actually... gasp... enjoy it. BUT, I dislike commute. I live so far from my parents now. It's a 30 minute drive. If I still lived in the neighborhood I would take care of the pets the whole time. But 30 minutes one way is a bit much when you've got Stinx... and you have to make 2 trips a day. That's 2 hours spent in the car.

Anyways, my bit is done now. Stinx had a lot of fun yesterday. He was quite enthralled with Dyken's the dog. Oh and how he loved opening and closing the back door.

My task was the to feed the cats, the dog, and the.... Pigeons. That's right. Pigeons. My Dad is a pigeon breeder. I think he has about 40... give or take.
My parents have this pantry in the basement full of snacks and canned food. I always help myself to some treats. I decided to pay myself a little for the work I had done with the animals. I grabbed some cans of soup and some drinking boxes. I gave Stinx a drinking box with his lunch. Once we got back to our place, I took the cans of soup out. I usually know better, but this time I forgot - to check the date. My parents are notorious for having old stuff.. in the pantry... in the fridge.. anywhere. So I checked the soup... well, it went bad well over a year ago... Some would say "Oh, it's fine! Eat in anyway!".. Not me... no way.
I checked the drinking boxes. Hmm. They went bad only 10 days ago. I figured that was OK.
Next time I am going to be very careful reading the labels...

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