Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That Mom

A lovely surprise.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bird Sanctuary

Yesterday morning Stinx and I went for a little walk at the bird sanctuary. I love that place. It is so peaceful and quiet. We didn't see any *amazing* birds but we did see some.. Mostly the generic birds local to our area aka: magpies, ducks and geese. I've had friends tell me they've seen beavers there but I have never been so lucky.

Stinx saw lots of gophers and desperately wanted to catch them. He wasn't quite quick enough.

They were just to darn fast. Stinx stood above their holes saying "catch".
We found two crazy large holes closer to the water. Stinx could probably crawl down them if he tried. Seriously, what the heck lives in there? The information centre was closed that day but I definitely plan on asking the staff next time. Badgers? Beavers? Fox?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lessons from Easter

I learned two things this week end.

1. [revised] Pregnant women should not be left unattended in the presence of menopausal women. (This is not in reference to myself - I am neither menopausal or pregnant).

2. The perfect restaurant to take a toddler to is either A) so dead that you are the only patrons or B) so busy and loud that no one would notice your toddler having a tantrum. Thankfully while out for dinner with some family last night we had option A.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Self Care

I finally treated myself to a massage. This morning I went for a relaxation massage at Prema Sai Prenatal. I even brought Stinx with me because they have child care. It was really awesome. The massage was great. Very relaxing. Then as I was getting ready to pay Stinx ran over to another baby, about 10 months old, and pushed her down.

Oh boy.

Seriosuly, Stinx, why ? why? I just don't get it. You are such a sweet boy... until you beat up other babies. And the lady babysitting you said you behaved well. That is until I walked in the room.

I just don't get it.

The massage therapist also told me that my left shoulder/arm/neck are very tense and strained. She reckons its due to carrying things on that side... Like a diaper bag perhaps? Maybe I will switch to a back pack. She said stretching will help. And yoga. And yeah. I do need to start going to the gym again. Perhaps I can take one of the yoga classes once a week. That's my goal.. Anyone want to hold me accountable to that?

Oh and I am soo sore now. Better get to bed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life is good.

I wish I had something to say. Seems I'm pretty speechless these days.

I'm happy the weather is lovely this week.

I'm happy that Anti-Kels and Unky Scott are in town.

I'm looking forward to work tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to going to the zoo tomorrow with friends.

All in all, life is good.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiny Friends

I think I may have unintentionally brought some friends home from work last night. And I'm not talking about clients. I'm talking bugs.
I'm probably just being paranoid. But I did hug quite a few people, more than usual, and when that happens, the possibility is there.

This happened once before when I was pregnant with Stinx. I kept finding tiny little things in my hair and my head was itchy. I remember it was a Saturday morning and I was so paranoid about it that I went to a walk in clinic. I got in to see the doctor very quickly (I only go as soon as the clinic opens). She was a very nice and polite doctor. She took a quick look at my head and made it very clear.... I was just a paranoid pregnant lady. No bugs. Only dandruff.

Last night I was working in a part of the shelter where I had worked for 4 years. It's the busiest part of the building. There were many people that recognized me and wanted to come say hello with a hug. Hence all the hugs. As I hugged each of my friends the thought of cross contamination did fly through my mind. To me it's worth the risk. And I'm not actually supposed to hug people so I try to just do the quick side hug. It's the full on hugs that are more risky. The hugs where your hair touches each others.

And this evening I have noticed my head is itchy. Hmmm. Am I just being paranoid? Probably.. I've been through this worry before. But I guess there's always a chance.

Wouldn't be my first time with bugs though. No sir-ee. Had them in the 4th grade as well as summer camp.

That's my street cred. I've had lice.

As I type this I am itching away.

Maybe I should get some lindane shampoo?

I just told Dad and he is freaking out. LOL.

I'm sure I am just paranoid.


After doing some "googling" it seems I am just paranoid. It's just one of those things. - as soon as you think of lice, you just get itchy. But I am thinking of buying some Tea Tree Oil or Nix, just to have around in case I get overly paranoid. LOL.