Sunday, September 20, 2009

Long time no post

I don't really have excuses for not posting lately. I guess I could blame it on my sewing frenzy. I've been making lots of nerdsicles lately. I decided to try and do an etsy shop. This is it. I have lots to learn about etsy still. I don't really have super high hopes for it. Some people were asking for nerdsicles so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm also blogging the nerds here. I am enjoying the sewing and loving to be creative again. I hope I don't give it up.

Stinx has been so interesting lately. At 2.5 years old I think the "real" tantrums have started. If I thought I knew a tantrum before then I was very nieve. But at the same time, this age is sooooo sweet. One minute he might be having a tantrum because I won't let him eat a candy (or a bag full of skittles) and then the next minute he is running up to me, giving me the hugest hug ever and saying, "I love you too mom!". It makes my heart melt every time. He's been in a really huggy-cuddly-kissy mood. I love love love it. It's so sweet and I guess I know it probably won't last forever. Do 30 somethings treat their mom's this way? I can only pray.. or would that just be creepy?

Then I have the baby on the way.. ahh.. It's awesome being able to feel her kick around in there. Although, I'd forgotten how hard the kicks become... It's not too awkward yet but I have a feeling it will get a little too crowded eventually. I am so excited to meet her! I can't wait to see what she looks like and get to know her personality. I wonder if she'll be a quiet timid girl or a little firecracker. I went to some garage sales yesterday and picked up some super cute girly baby clothes. After washing them all I am anxious to get her room ready. This is our to do list for now:

  1. Get a Dresser
  2. Get Dad to assemble the closet shelves
  3. Get Dad to put a closet door on the closet
  4. Get some clothes hangers
  5. Get a Infant Car Seat
  6. Decide on a baby name! lol.

Yeah we are still having a super tough time thinking of names! Oh well. I am sure something will come up that we both like...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleepy Kitty

I've gotten on a stuffie making kick. It's kinda addicting. This one is my favorite so far.