Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Talented at Messy.

It's amazing how the quality of one's life goes down hill when one is pregnant. My poor family. The meals, oh they are sad, if they exist at all. The house is a disaster. It looks like a tornado has hit. Papers on the floor, dishes piled high, laudry waiting to be washed.

You know you are in a sad state when you truly feel you have accomplished something by a) doing half of the dishes and b) having a shower. Every day it seems I try to accomplish a few tasks. Sometimes it might be a load of laundry, other days it might be doing the groceries.

Things seem to be looking up though. The morning sickness seems to be fading. I have felt a little hungry lately which brings me great hope. I often wake up from the afternoon nap craving something to eat, or I wake up dreaming about food. My body is definitely telling me it is hungry. In the past 10 weeks I lost the weight I didn't want to lose. Seems with both pregnancies my body wants to lose weight in the first trimester. Well I am challenging that with Blizzards from dairy queen, Rice Pudding, and chocolate chip cookies.

As I start to feel better I hope to blog a bit more.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Fetus Flu

So since I am "out" on facebook I may as well make it official on my blog. I have the fetus flu. Officially pregnant and with some yucky morning sickness to boot. I found out a month ago and thought things were going so smoothly... Well right at the 6 week mark the fetus flu started.

I seriously forgot how bad morning sickness is. My body tricked me into thinking it wasn't so bad. I guess that's how you convince yourself to have another baby.

With Stinx the morning sickness was crappy but I still worked through it. I think that might be the difference. With Stinx I was at work and had a lot of things to distract me from feeling crappy. I have memories of my off-time being miserable. I remember just laying on the couch, all the time, when not working. I lost 10 lbs in the first trimester because I was so nauseous. I totally lost my appetite.

That's basically how the last 2 weeks have been for me. I am surviving off the teeniest amounts of food. But I went to see my doctor and she gave me a prescription for Diclectin. I started taking it last night. I sure hope it will help. My poor family can't survive with me being like this.

But anyways, enough about feeling sick, Dad and I are very excited about baby #2! I still can hardly believe there is a tiny little baby growing inside of me. At the moment Baby is about 2 cm long. TINY! I'm around 8-9 weeks along.

And yeah this is also why my blogging has been sooo pathetic lately. Hopefully once I start feeling better I'll blog more.

Oh and my worst fear is pretty much true. My chance to use a midwife is SLIM. :( I am really disappointed. I was testing a week before my period was due and as soon as I got a positive test I called ALL the midwives in Calgary and they all told me I was about #20 on the wait lists. :( I feel really bummed and upset about it but am hoping and praying that a miracle can happen.

Well I'm off to do some diaper laundry.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still here

We're still alive. Just haven't been finding the time to blog. We've been doing some neat stuff. I thought I'd share some pictures of our latest adventures.
We took Stinx to the Super Train show a couple weeks ago. It's a huge local model train show. Trains trains, everywhere! Stinx was in heaven.

We literally had to pry Stinx away from the Thomas the Train table. He left it kicking and screaming. He could have played quietly there all day.

We also met up with some friends at the nearest VV. Stinx attempted to skateboard.

And had fun climbing inbetween the clothesrack with his friend.

We also hung out at the science centre a few times. Stinx loves playing with the water station and usually leaves soaking wet.
On this past trip he had a blast playing the guitar.

We've been trying to get out a lot and enjoy the nice weather when its here.
Stinx at the park down the street from home.

Playing in the backyard.