Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wasp Attack!

It seems my blogging is slowly dying off. I won't let it though! I promise.

Yesterday Grandma and I took Stinx to the new park. It's a lovely park made for toddlers. While Stinx was on the swing a wasp was buzzing around his neck. I tried to get it away from him but the next thing I knew, the wasp was almost down his shirt. I moved his shirt but the wasp was sitting on Stinx' chest bone. It stung him.

But Stinx was tough. He didn't cry. He just started fussing and tried rubbing the area. Poor guy. I was so pissed at the wasp.

On another note, I bought this play kitchen for Stinx. I thought it was such a good deal for $20. The night I bought it I cleaned it up. However, a few days later I noticed the smell of cat piss in our basement. Oh no!!!!!!! The toy reaks like cat pee. Ugh. I have to get rid of it now. Boo.

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