Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sippy Cup Review

So when the big BPA scare came out months ago I decided to try my BPA-Free options. Below are my opinions of the sippy cups that were BPA-Free and available to me at the time. I thought it might be nice to share some of this knowledge with people before they spend money on some possibly really crappy sippy cups.
Now when people see Boon Fluid, they automatically fall in love with it because it looks wonderful. It's like the cool, edgey, arty, modern sippy cup. It's the "cool" looking one. Well, trust me folks, it's a superficial sippy. There seems to be no brains behind this beauty. Stinx could not get any water out of it for the life of him. I actually had to jamb a knife in the slit so more water could come out. Even that did not help. And, ok, I admit, I tried it myself. EVEN I COULDN'T GET MUCH WATER OUT OF IT. It was a chore to drink.
Oh man, Nurture Pure's Grow Pure Multi-Stage Feeder was also terrible. The idea itself is awesome. How great would it be for a bottle, sippy and straw cup all be one? It's a great idea. And I do think with a little redesigning, it could be successful. I kind of wandered upon this at Community Natural Foods and thought I'd give it a try. Oh, it was a waste of time. I'm sure the bottle part worked fine, but the sippy insert had the same problem as the Boon Fluid. It was impossible to get anything out of it. The straw function was alright but leaked a lot. I returned this one the same day and they gave me a really hard time. It was a piece of crap!

I bought the Born Free sippy at London Drugs. I really thought this would be a good one based on reviews. This sippy also failed me. Difficult to drink from once again. I returned it as well. I can't remember what else I disliked about it specifically but I will not be buying one ever again.Ah, the Klean Kanteen. A great and reliable sippy cup. This was our 1st BPA Free sippy. Grandma bought Stinx one for a Christmas present (well before the BPA scare). My only negative with the Klean Kanteen is that there are no handles. This sippy really only seems useful to a child who can hold a heavy stainless steel cup full of water. It's heavy for wee ones. If it had handles it would be much better. But, it does make a great Sippy Cup for Toddlers. We quite like ours. I have been known to use Stinx' once in awhile.

The Foogo series is made be the brand Thermos. It's my favorite. It's just a step ahead of the Klean Kanteen (in my opinion) and simply because the sippy has handles! This is the perfect sippy cup. It is a thermos but because it has the handles its not so heavy. It is lighter than the Klean Kanteen (probably because it doesn't hold as much). The spout is great for babies learning to drink out of a sippy. I love that it keeps fluids cold. I loved it so much that I bought the thermos (featured on the right) which is also really nice. Sometimes I make some instant oatmeal for Stinx, throw it in the thermos and bring it to the zoo for a warm little snack on a cool day. I haven't tried the Straw cup (featured in the middle) but I probably will eventually. I bought my Foogo products from London Drugs but recommend buying them from Mountain Equipment Coop. They're about $5 cheaper there.

And then there is the Safe Sippy. This cup was in such high demand and didn't come out until a couple months ago because it was back ordered. By then I had fallen in love with the Foogo. So I haven't tried this one but I have heard good things about it. I think it would be worth trying.

Most stores seem to be selling BPA Free plastic cups anyways so there are more options. We just bought some Nuby cups from wal-mart. While they are great because they are cheap, they are not the best and leak quite a bit.

So yes, overall Stinx and I like the Foogo cup the best. Close behind it though is the Klean Kanteen. There are probably many more products available now and hopefully more worth the money.

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half pint pixie said...

Those Foogos look great, Littlepixie is a straw fan so I must see if I can find any of these over here, thanks for all the reviews :)