Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bad Driving

I need to rant about a bad driving experience.

I was driving behind a small sedan on a main street. The car kept driving in the middle of the road instead of in the designated lane. Then we got to a red light. Waiting, waiting, waiting... light turns green and the driver doesnt notice so I honk my horn. Whatever, not a big deal, I've made that mistake before. Then slow driving starts as well as not staying in the lane properly. Get to another light. This time I decided to wait and see if the driver would notice when the light turned green. Nope, didn't notice. Took the driver awhile to notice. Then crappy driving starts again. Then at the next light the car signals that they will be turning left. Perfect, now I can pull up beside them. What I saw was stupidity. Plain stupidity.

a) Driver was a young woman talking on her cell phone. Well that explains the crappy driving.

b) there was a child in the car!!!!

c) Child was not in a car seat!!! The boy looked the same age as my son. Maybe he was in a low booster but it didnt look like it. My mom said she could see a couple car seats next to him.. So he probably has a car seat, he just wasnt in it.

Just totally dumbfounded.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Life in Texas

I can't believe we've been here for 2 months already! Time is going really quickly. There are a lot of things I want to blog about but I doubt I will find the time and energy to blog every day. I really really want to, but looking at my track record, I think we all know that won't happen.

Last night the kids and I went for a walk in our neighborhood.

I LOVE our neighborhood. Its the kind of neighborhood I've always dreamt about living in. Beautiful and old, it's got lots of charm. I love looking at the style of the homes. Most are small arts and crafts bungalows with 2 bedrooms. There are also some really lovely victorian homes.

On our walk we found some little acorns. Bitta adored them. She tried to bring some home with us but dropped them.

On the way home back to our house Stinx saw a frog. It was prety dark by then so I had a hard time seeing it but sure enough, there was some sort of spotted frog on the sidewalk. I wish I had brought my camera.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New City

Just going to do a quick update! We've moved. Really, we did. We moved to an entirely new country! Crazyness. We left Canada and are now in Texas. We found a really cute old house in a cute old neighborhood. It's always been my dream to live in an old house. I love it! We haven't even unpacked though... still lots of boxes to get through. I'll probably try to blog more now that we're here. The past 9 months were really busy with planning to sell our house and then the process of selling and then packing etc etc.

Monday, January 24, 2011

That won't be a problem

Stinx was in the washroom and asked me to help wipe his bum. While I am helping him he says, "Mom, just don't stick your finger in my bum, ok?".

Seriously? Oh my... I tried not to laugh and just said that I wouldn't make that mistake.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ear rings

"Mom, I don't like Bee (his cousin). But I like her ear rings. They very very pretty"

Stinx, Oct 26 2010

Friday, January 14, 2011

God & Chocolate

"God prays for chocolate and says I can have chocolate now."

Later the same day,

"Bitta can have noodles, you can have noodles, but God says I don't like noodles."

Stinx, Oct 24 2010

Thursday, January 13, 2011


"Mommy, if you fell down the stairs and hurt yourself, I would put a band aid on your knee to make you feel better."

Oct 8, 2010

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boogie Talk

Stinx - "Yesterday I pulled a boogie out with my hand and put it in my mouth"

Mom - "That's yucky"

Stinx - "Why is it yucky?"

Mom - "Because boogies are supposed to go in the garbage"

Stinx - "I said to myself, 'my mouth is a garbage'

I pretty much laughed my pants off.

July 30, 2010

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tummy Talk

"Mommy, my tummy is still hungry and it told it wants another freezie"

Stinx, July 18 2010

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stinx, on breaking straight edge

"Mom, I have an idea. Daddy can have a beer and you can have a sip."

I explained that I don't drink.

"I can teach you how to drink beer!'

Once again I explain that I don't drink it.

"You just have to practice drinking beer, mom."

July 8, 2010

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Stinx Series

Ok, a new series to keep things fresh. Stinx quotes.

Today's quote doesn't make a whole lot of sense but it has some interesting imagery. This quote was written down sometime in June 2010.

"The Pooger pooks me and blows wind out of his nose. He prickles me. The wind blows out of his nose and shoots the prickles out."