Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Potties come in handy.

Potties can be used for a few different things. Like a normal toilet, they are most commonly used for eliminating pee or poo. Last night, I discovered, they can be used for other things. Like when you are very sick and have to sit on a normal toilet, you can use the potty, which happens to be right in front of you, as a puke bucket. Lovely, I know, you must be so happy I shared that with you.

I was up all night feeling terribly sick. I know I was sick a couple weeks ago but that was nothing in comparison to this experience. That was like a walk in the park. This feels like I am rotting from the inside out.
Dad has been very helpful. Just yesterday I was chatting with my pal S. and I was mentioning how bitter I am that Dad never lets me sleep in. Well, today I am happy to report that dad was kind enough to take care of Stinx all day and let me stay in bed. It was wonderful except for the circumstances. In all seriousness though, I am so glad this happened when Dad is on vacation.
Now I am just hoping little Stinx won't get it. I'm hoping it's food poisoning and not a stomach flu - although the symptoms seem more like a flu.

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half pint pixie said...

you poor poor pet, get well soon!