Sunday, December 7, 2008


I made the mistake of going out today. In the blizzard. In the 15 inches of snow. I was starting to think I may not attend Ry-Guy's 1st birthday party but then Dad insisted that the roads weren't bad as he had checked on-line. He also said the snow was starting to "let up".

Well that wasn't the case. But fortunately Stinx and I made it to the party and home again safely. That will be the last time I drive while there is a warning from police not to drive unless absolutely necessary (Of course I didn't realize this until I heard it on the radio while driving).

What did really go wrong though - while getting to my cousins townhouse the snow was blowing in Stinx' face so I decided to hurry it up. No good. I totally slipped and fell on the snow, while carrying Stinx on my hip. Stinx didn't get hurt because he landed on me. But me on the other hand, I landed strangely on my left arm. I thought I had broken it. I'm such a wimp, I think I only pulled a muscle, but still it killed! Even later today it started tensing up again. I'm sure I'll have bruises tomorrow.

I'll definitely be staying home next blizzard.

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