Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I need this desperately

So for the past few days I have been dreaming of a toddler alarm clock. Something with a light on it that will clearly separate night from day. In my dreams this looks like a sun. It would have regular digital clock as well that the parents could set to a "wake up time"... at a decent hour such as 7am. So at night the parent would set the alarm for 7am. You would have to explain to the child that when the room is dark, its sleepy time, and when the light comes/ or when the sun is shining it means its time to get up.

I have heard of people using this method with their toddlers but with a normal digital clock. They teach their child the different numbers. They block out the minutes with some paper so only the hour can be seen. Then they place a piece of paper next to the clock with the number they need to know, such as 7. I personally don't know anyone who's done this, just read about it on-line.

So today I googled "Toddler Clock" and I got many hits about the Kidsleep Alarm clock/nightlight. This is totally what I need! Stinx has been chonically waking between 4-5am since the battle with Roseola.So seriously I need this. It starts off as a nightlight when your child is a baby. Once your child is a toddler you can use it to teach them to stay asleep or in their room until the bunny "wakes up", and then once your child is able to read digital time, it can be used as a normal alarm clock. So cool. To get it shipped to Canada from Europe though, is very pricey. Almost $77. Yowzers!

I'm praying Santa reads my blog.

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half pint pixie said...

Oh that is fantastic! I hope santa is reading your blog! Why do all the cool internet thingymabobs always ship from the US/Canada? Grumble...