Friday, December 19, 2008

A lovely afternoon. Not really.

Today I went to visit a friend in the inner city. Stinx and I had lunch with her and her 8 month old son. Her little guy skipped his am nap and was pretty sleepy. I decided to leave because Stinx was being quite the ball of energy and I feared the younger baby wouldn't take a pm nap with all Stinx noise. I decided to warm up the car(Because it was -37c with windchill) and load the station wagon. I had lent my friend some baby stuff like bouncy chairs, bumbo's etc. After putting the baby stuff in the car, I threw my diaper bag in there. And locked the door. I bundled Stinx all up, put my jacket on, and went to grab the diaper bag to get my keys.... Then I realized my horror. I had locked my extra keys in the car. Shoot! I was not pleased with myself.Fortunately I was able to get a locksmith to come within an hour. He was a great fellow too. I plan on referring him to anyone who needs a locksmith. On the way home Stinx fell asleep in the car. I was relieved knowing I wouldn't have to deal with nap time. The past few "transfers" have been smooth sailing. Of course, this was not the case today. Stinx woke up when I tried lifting him out of the seat. And apparently he thought the 5 minute car nap was sufficient. He refused to fall back to sleep. Awesome. It was a lovely afternoon.

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