Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Stinx had a nightmare last night. I'm sure it wasn't his first. But it was the first I witnessed. He was sleeping beside me and all of a sudden he sat up crying and shouting, "No! No! No!" etc. Then he started pointing and saying "Bug" through the tears. Poor little fella was dreaming about bugs.For the most part he's been doing well with the subject of bugs. He loves reading stories with bugs in the them. He's handled the spider encounters very well [i think because i sing him the "itsy bitsy spider" so often]. But then yesterday he spotted a fruit fly in the kitchen. I thought these annoying pests were all gone. Perhaps this one came with the groceries last week end. He didn't even seem particularly bothered by the fly yesterday. He kinda just pointed it out. But it seems this small fruit fly may have been the bug he was dreaming of last night.

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RYC: Wow..I didn't even know about the store Nurtured Family but I am closer to the center of the city. In the Rice Village area there is a great store called "A Woman's Work", and not too far down the road from there is a green baby store called "Bebe Verde" that opened this year. Over in the Bellaire/Meyerland area is a great organic toy store called "Triple i Toys". You should be able to google websites for all of those stores. Lastly there is a decent consignment store that sells new and used CD's and all kinds of baby/ kids stuff called Young & Restless. Have fun shopping!