Thursday, December 25, 2008


The topic of Christmas traditions has come up a few times in conversation between Dad and I. Right now we don't really have any. There was a little pressure from some family to start our own traditions. So since its a little too late for this year, I am planning for next. I came up with some ideas and then wondered where I should put them. I have them written down but surely I'd forget about them next winter. So I figured what better place than the blog.
So here are some of my ideas for future Christmas traditions. They aren't in a special order. Some won't be "do-able" until Stinx is older but it's a start for ideas.
  1. Christmas Baking - and in particular, sugar cookies with my new icing recipe.
  2. Attend a Christmas Eve church service
  3. Go to the Calgary Zoo lights
  4. Volunteer at a homeless shelter - obviously Stinx would have to be older, but in the mean time we can do a donation of goodies or blankets etc.
  5. Read the birth story of Jesus
  6. Decorate a Christmas Tree
  7. Use Advent Calendars
  8. Get some warm tasty beverages (Soy Nogg, Cider, Hot chocolate etc) and go for a drive looking at Christmas lights
  9. Have Stinx (and any future kiddo) make Christmas cards
  10. Make a special Christmas breakfast
  11. Watch Christmas movies

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