Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Angel

It's chilly here these days. Very chilly. The past couple week ends we've had snow storms. The roads are treacherous and icy. The temperature has been as low as -30c and with wind chill -40c. Dad has done a great job of shoveling the snow from our driveway and side walk. Today, though, Dad wasn't "able" to shovel the snow. When I put the recycling outside for pick up and saw that it had snowed, I worried. When would I have time to shovel with Stinx around? I figured I would have to wait until nap time or bed time.

A couple hours later I looked out the window to see that my entire drive way and side walk had been cleared. I literally cried. I couldn't believe someone would shovel the entire thing for me. I looked at my neighbor's walk but it hadn't been shoveled. I looked across the street and theirs hadn't been either. Hmmm. I was puzzled. Who did it? I called my neighbor friends down the street to see if they did it. Nope. Wasn't them. Hmmm. Later in the day I saw the Dad of the kids I babysit. I was driving and slowed down. I rolled the window down to interrogate him. Wasn't him either. I just couldn't figure it out. I asked everyone I know one the street. I even told Dad and he seemed surprised someone would do that for us.

My last thought was that it could have been our friend Tony who lives in a neighborhood not to far away. He was my last guess. And I only guessed him because I knew he knew Dad couldn't do the shoveling this week. Sure enough, it was him. I guess Dad had asked him to help me out with it if it snowed. How nice is that? What a great friend. Silly dad for keeping it from me.

Unfortunately it kept snowing today so I still had to go out tonight and finish it up. It wasn't bad though, just a cm or so. I figured since Tony was so kind today, I would pay it forward and shoveled my neighbors walk. I love that about neighbors and snow shoveling. Earlier when I hadn't figured out who had cleared my walk, I was looking at everyone else's to see who's had been shoveled (hoping I'd find a clue to who it was). And it seemed that most houses walks had been cleared in pairs or sets of 3. Its obvious that when one neighbor starts, he does the walk on either side as well.

There is still some kindness left in the human race.


Anonymous said...

I've never shoveled snow a day in my life but I can imagine its tough work! What a nice gift!

RYC: So what was your husband doing in the Houston area?

Kelsey Fiona said...

Tony what a dream boat! haha