Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What was I thinking?

Today Dad and I took Stinx shopping with us to pick up a few things. By the end of the short trip he was pretty riled up. We had been talking about eating lunch at one of our local Indian restuarants, Anpurna. By the time we got there it was already almost 11:30am. Stinx nap should have been around noon, maybe earlier. We were pushing it. Dad even suggested we just do take out. But no, stubborn me, wanted to have a authentic restuarant experience dining at a table.

What a fool I am! The restuarant was renovated awhile back and has new owners. They didn't have any boosters seats so I drove home to get one since we live nearby. By the time I got back Stinx was getting squirrely. The food came quickly and we attempted to get lunch started. It was bad, real bad. Stinx was wanting to dump the sauce cup, to throw food, throw plates and throw his most precious little toy bus. I said to dad, "We should get the rest of the food to go.... asap!".

I took Stinx out of the restuarant, mid tantrum, and got his jacket on outside. He cheered up a bit after seeing a Van and then a puppy, and a funny lady wearing a very 80's outfit. We got home and quickly had some lunch. Surprisingly he was in a good mood at home. I managed to get him down for his nap around 12:30pm, not too far off his regular routine.

But I should have known not to take him out for lunch at that time of day... it was asking for disaster. Routines have benefits, if you follow them. When I don't follow it or simply ignore it (thinking, "maybe it will be fine."), there are occasional disasters. Not every time, sometimes it's okay to go off track, sometimes it works out well, but sometimes, like today, when he was super hyper at the mall, I should have followed his cues... Not an Eat-Out-Day.

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