Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stinx Specs

Stinx has destroyed a few pairs of my old glasses, and maybe even a pair I actually needed. I got some new glasses in the spring and just a few weeks ago Bubma asked me where she should get some. I said SuperStore Eyewear... they're affordable and not too shabby. So we went on a little trip to Eyewear with Bubma and helped her pick out her new glasses. While there, Stinx kept trying to pull glasses off to try on. So I tried a bunch of glasses on Stinx to keep him content. He looked sooo cute in all the glasses (Especially really huge thick black men's glasses). Just as we were leaving I saw they had a sales rack. I found a kid's pair for $5. I thought it'd be great for Stinx to have his own glasses to play with and wreck. I paid for them and the clerk wanted to adjust them. As she was adjusting them, the glasses snapped in her hand. I was kind of bummed but not really... However, she insisted I take another pair. She insisted I take a brand new pair! I tried to fight her on it since Stinx doesn't need glasses at all. I was only buying them for him to use for dress up. But no, she insisted. And surprise surprise, his glasses are already crooked from him busting them up. But hey - that's why I bought them... So he can bust up the $5 ones and not mine!

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