Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stinx 1st Hair Cut

So today Stinx had the pleasure of getting his very first hair cut. It wasn't desperately needed, but it was getting to the point where it was getting in his face a little much, a little too long around the ears.. and well, I figured it would be fun to get his hair cut right before his 2nd birthday. The cut went really well. Stinx was very excited to see the quad and other cool "rides" at the salon. Once sitting on the quad he turned very serious, which is.. well, pretty much Stinx in any public situation. He's a serious guy! What can I say. He seemed to enjoy it. He wasn't freaking out from excitement, and he wasn't blowing a fit in fear. He just was. So that helped the nice hair dresser to do her job. She was very fast. I guess that's just how it goes in kiddy salons. They must have to work fast because who knows how long the kid will sit still for. Anyways, now Stinx has had his 1st official hair cut. Ta-da!

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