Friday, February 20, 2009


I thought it was a little unusual when Stinx slept through the night for 11 hours straight last night. It's not freakish of him to STTN but he doesn't do it all the time. It's more freakish that he slept for 11 hours straight... He's done it before, occasionally, but usually he is a 10-10.5 hour night sleeper, including the night wakings. He is usually asleep shortly after 8pm and usually up by 6-6:30am. He was up at 7:30am today. That is freakish.

I loved that he slept in that long. But I did panic that something might be wrong.

All seemed well until I was getting him dressed to go out. He seemed a little warm.. It didn't seem like a fever though. I figured he was just warm.

Our plan was to go pick up some maternity clothes for Anti-Kels and I.

No, I'm not pregnant, just looking for some nice maternity clothes for the future. I can plan ahead right?

Going off track here - A few weeks ago I put an add on kijiji looking for some maternity clothes, for either Anti-Kels or I. I got quite a few responses back but most of the clothes were kinda lame.. Like pastel pink shirts... Not quite what either Kels or I would wear. But a couple of women emailed with some nice stuff. Both women lived quite far south and I arranged to go all the way down there this morning - planned a week ago. After picking up the clothes I was also planning to visit my cousin and her kids since they live in the south.

So I get Stinx all bundled up and into the car. We're driving on the free-way-ish road for about 5 minutes and then I notice Stinx coughing. I look in the rear view to see Stinx throwing up on himself. Poor guy. I felt so bad. But since we were driving 100 km's/hour on the freeway, I couldn't exactly pull over. And he wasn't upset or anything, he seemed really intrigued by it.. He was checking it out. TMI?

So instead of picking up clothes I drove to my cousin's place where I wiped Stinx off with my cousin's baby wipes, because being the knob I am, I left the wipes at home. (Mental Note: always keep spare wipes in the glove box). And of course I didn't have a change of clothes for Stinx either... (Mental Note: keep a spare set of clothes in the car).

So yeah, no wonder Stinx slept through the night like a log, he was sick. Poor little thing. Once we got home he didn't really act sick or anything. I am praying that he was just a little queasy in the car. Hopefully he'll be feeling himself when he wakes up from his afternoon nap.


Alisha said...

You should have asked me for a change of clothes. Now I feel like a knob. I should have offered. Like I dont have boys clothes in every size!

Stinx' Mom said...

Pfff. Please. I'm the knob. I was going home anyway.

He was fine for the rest of the day. Didn't act sick.. ate well.. weird.

I'm starting to wonder if he accidently made himself throw up.. I remembered that yesterday morning I heard him coughing and found him sticking his finger in the back of his throat - trying to gag himself.. obviously not on purpose but just to see what happens... I'm thinking maybe that's what happened on monday too... hmmm..

Deb said...

Sorry to hear about your experience. I think you might be on to something with him making himself sick. At least if he was fine afterwards. Spud has been experimenting a bit with gagging himself too. So, it may be normal at this age.

On the other hand, maybe something he ate just turned his stomach a bit. Not enough to cause anything long term, just enough to make him throw up.

I am holding out hope for you that maybe he will just start sleeping longer normally!

Kelly said...

Awww, poor kiddo!