Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Role

I finally get a new role. No longer will I be just a daughter, or a wife, or a mother. I will soon take on the responsibility of being an Anti. Yes, that's right, I get to be an Anti!!! I am sooo stoked about this. When Anti-Kels told me she was pregnant, some 6 or 7 weeks ago, I seriously started crying tears of joy. Stinx will have a cousin! Anti-Kels will have her own precious little babe to coddle. Although, I admit, I am a little upset that Stinx won't be her favorite kid in the world anymore. It's okay though, I do understand.

I've been trying to gently enforce my parenting views on her, which really isn't fair, but what's a mom to do? I mostly just want her to use midwives... Pretty sure that won't happen now since the wait lists are insane.. But that's okay, I'll make sure she has a doula, takes the Birthing From Within classes. I want her to have a much more positive birth experience than I did.

She's even talking about cloth diapers already! How sweet is that? I'm hoping that I get pregger's in the spring and that we can buy some small cloth diapers together. Her baby can use them first and I can use them afterwards. It'll be perfect!

She's 13 weeks along and due in August. If she has a boy she'll have soo much stuff she can borrow from me. Tons and tons of clothes. I've already told her she can borrow all my baby crap. Heck, Kels, you can probably borrow the change table since Stinx probably won't be using it by then (hopefully).

I can't wait. I am soooooooooo excited.


Alisha said...

lol, Kels is a very lucky mom to have you as her sister. ;)

Kelsey Fiona said...

Very Lucky indeed!