Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time to get crafty

Ok, so for the first time in a really long time, I am feeling crafty and creative. I want to tackle a couple sewing projects. Like I have already mentioned, I'd really like to try and make a mei tai, and the other idea, is one Alisha gave me. Which I want to keep as a surprise in case it works out well. If it sucks, well then, it'll stay a secret. Haha! I think I will try to make the Mei Tai out of recycled material, which means I will have to go thrift shopping! Yippee. I'm really excited about this! I have been lacking a lot of motivation in my artistic department for a long time, maybe years. I don't know why. And I can't blame it on motherhood, that's definitely not it. I guess it's safe to say that since I started working at the shelter, my creative side dwindled. I have no reasons for the correlation. But anyways, please wish me some determination to go with this motivation!

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