Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today I figured out that Stinx has Roseola. Or maybe, "had" roseola. The fever went down yesterday and this morning he had the rash all over his trunk. As soon as I saw the rash I remembered my friends telling me about this happening to their children. I looked it up on-line and Stinx matched all the symptoms: fever for a few days, irritable and fussy, no appetite, rash comes once the fever breaks. The thing that really sucks about Roseola is that children are most contagious before any of the symptoms show up. Here's a link for more info if any of you are interested:

So poor Stinx is cutting all 4 eye teeth and had Roseola. No wonder it's been a brutal few days. I am so happy that Stinx is still breastfeeding. What a life saver that was. When he woke up in the night, hot and fevering, I would just take him into our bed a nurse him right back to sleep. And actually, that's all Stinx wanted to do for the past few days, nurse - all the time. I didn't mind because I wanted him to stay hydrated. I gave him lots of other fluids and tried to get him to eat but he wasn't too interested. EBF'ing has its benefits that's for sure.

Today Stinx seemed back to his regular self (which is teething and terrible two's). I have never been so happy to have a teething and tantrumming toddler. It's way worse when their sick on top of that normal stuff. He was actually in a pretty good mood all day.

Hopefully he'll be feeling great this week and hopefully the worst of the teething is over.

I'm just praying he'll sleep through the night now.

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