Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vaccination Choice

On Tuesday evening I went to a really interesting seminar called "Vaccination Choice". The speaker was a local doctor, Dr. Stuart Wilkinson, who is in Autism Doctor. My cousin had seen him before about 3 years ago and said that he was really informed. And that he was. He really seemed like a great doctor. When he explained how he works as a doctor he said that he tries to help people in the way they want treatment. He said that if someone doesn't want to use a certain type of treatment, he'll continue to provide solutions until the person agrees with one they are comfortable with. How cool is that? Most doctors offer one solution and if you say you don't like it, they're like "Then what the heck are you doing here?". It sounds like he does a lot of western medicine as well as naturopathy.

My cousin shared with me previous notes from his lecture 3 years ago. I also took notes on Tuesday but they are much the same. Here are some things that I learned and thought was interesting.

He wasn't pro-vaccines but wasn't totally against them either. He really thinks its something people need to research and make an agreed decision on (between parents). He thinks vaccines have helped but have also done some damage. His first child was vaccinated but had a reaction to the vaccination causing brain stem swelling. His child was treated and is ok now. His 2nd and 3rd child are NOT vaccinated.

Rockefeller owns part of all 3 Vaccine producers, as well as the FDA who are supposed to be the "watch dog", and as well as the distributors.. a little sketchy I would say. Rockefeller is also the one who pays people out when there is a vaccine related injury.

Most people are concerned with the MMR vaccine. This is probably due to the first studies possibly linking vaccines with autism. However, Dr. Stuart said the vaccines that cause the most problems are actually the Dtap-ipv and chicken pox. The chicken pox vaccine doesn't seem to work very well. He said that the only way to guarantee immunity is to actually catch the disease. He recommends chicken pox parties.

Hep B vaccine contains the most amount of Thimersol of all vaccines. The flu shot also contains thimersol. An interesting note on the flu shot, it contains an anti-biotic ingredient that children can not have, but the vaccine is given to 2 month old babies.. weird! Stuart mentioned that if you get your kids vaccinated, you need to request very specifically for vaccines without Thimersol. He said to get them to show you the monogram which should say "No Thimersol". Ask to see it!!

He mentioned that the doctor who created the Polio vaccine was asked once if he vaccinated his own children and he responded by saying, "Why would I put that shit in my kids?". Yikes....

The Dtap vaccine can't be separated inn Canada. All or nothing with that one.

Recommends women get the Rubella vaccine since it can be very harmful to unborn babies. However this vaccine doesn't always work.. Possibly doesn't last very long.

His thoughts on homeopathy vaccines was that they might be worth checking into, but could just be a waste of $$$. Said that you have nothing to lose, won't hurt your kids, but might hurt your wallet.

He said that our natural immunities are usually well developed by 12 years of age.

Best way to prevent disease - washing your hands!! and exercise.

On a different note, he thinks that ColdFX is awesome. Hmm.. maybe I should try that stuff. I do have friends that swear by it.

And just in case you are wondering what my stance is on vaccines. I got Stinx vaccinated at 2 & 4 months old. The first time I just did it blindly.. The second time I was starting to question it a little, wondering why some people choose not to. Then I started to read up on vaccines and the more I read, the more I didn't want to vaccinate him. Oh man, "Evidence of Harm" has scarred me!!I do think vaccines are good and that they have really helped our continent, but I do think its quite weird and not natural to inject babies with all sorts of weird shit like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. And there are some other very very controversial ingredients in some of them. Anyways, so I think once Stinx is a bit older I will consider giving him some of the vaccines.. We'll be doing delayed and selective vaccinations. Choosing the ones we think are really a concern to us, and delaying them for as long as we can.

If you'd like the full notes version that my cousin gave me just leave me a comment. Its really informative and has some good guidelines to follow should you decide to vaccinate. (For ex. Never ever ever vaccinate your child if they seem to be sick or acting unusual - cancel the appt).

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