Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have never been a self-proclaimed recycler. I've been a terrible recycler. I didn't even really start recycling consistently until a few years ago. I started with cardboard. Then when Stinx was having some baby food from jars I started to recycle glass. Now that we live in the house and have a garage I've been recycling much more.

There is one problem.


Dad spotted one a few weeks ago in the garage. He caught one with a mouse trap a few days later. Then I saw two in one day. We caught another one. Then we realized they've been loitering in the recycling bins.

I took the bins back about a week ago. It was disgusting. Mouse poop all over the bottoms - even in the glass jars. So I vowed that we would sign up for a curbside recycling program. I figure if the recycling is disposed of weekly then I'll know if the mice are still around. No poop = no mice.

So I asked two of my lovely friends about curbside recycling. They recommended a couple companies.

I called one company and he reminded me that the city will be doing mandatory curbside recycling starting inn June 2009. Awesome! It's paid for out of our tax dollars but its still a bonus in my opinion. But in the mean time I'd still like to get ours picked up. For a 6 month term it is $84 including tax. A bit pricey but I think it will be worth it.

Dad and I are just so lazy at returning the recycling. It just piles up and piles up.... building awesome little cozy forts for mice to live in.

The company emailed me their flyer which included a list of all the products they recycle. Oh my word. I saw things on there that I could have been recycling for years, like shampoo bottles. I am feeling really guilty about this. If only I had started this a long long time ago.

Oh well. I am starting now and that's the best I can do.

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