Sunday, November 9, 2008

Two Worlds Collide.

Work went well last week. It felt really awesome to be back there. I am really happy to be working 4 hours a week. It's just the right amount. I'm still basically a stay-at-home-mom with one night off.

Being back part time really reminded me of my start at the shelter. When I first started I worked 3 or 4 nights a week. It was seriously the best pt job ever. And that's what it was like on Wednesdays but even better because I didn't have to lay any mats or do any cleaning. It was great - just chatting with clients.

It felt like two worlds colliding. My life before Stinx and my life after. It was a bit weird. The old me mixing with the new me.

It was good for a good kick in the face as well. I can't believe being away for almost 2 years can make me forget what the daily life of a homeless person is like. It was a good reminder of how good my family and I have it. We are soooooo blessed. We have shelter, clothing, food, family, friends, jobs etc.

Looking forward to work again this week.

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