Thursday, November 13, 2008

100% Guarantee

If you are looking for a way to piss the hell out of me I have one good suggestion.

You could start by waking Stinx up from his nap. This will irritate me but it won't make me want to kill you. So if you want to go that extra mile, you could enter Stinx room while I try to either put him to sleep or resettle him. This is guaranteed to make me hate you. At least for awhile.

The foolish, unwise folks who have tried this have definitely made me want to cut their heads off, but I have forgiven them all (It usually only takes a few minutes for me to regain composure). Well, except for that one roofer who came to give us an estimate a few months ago. He didn't actually come in the house or Stinx's room but he did rudely interrupt a nap. I'm still mad at him, simply because I don't know who he is. I just heard him walk loudly on my roof during Stinx nap, and woke him up twice. I likely would have kicked him in the nuts had I seen him afterwards. I was literally fuming ALL day after that happened. Anyways...

The other culprits include a grandma, a friend, and now - one of the kids I baby sit. Why people?why do you think its a good idea to interrupt me during this very crucial time?

The poor kid I babysit. She's the youngest of the 3 (ages 5, 7, 11) and today she got a taste of the nasty babysitter. The kids had woken up Stinx by playing basketball too loudly, directly under Stinx room. So I told them I needed them to be very very quiet and not play basketball while I tried to help Stinx go back to sleep.

When I got into his room I laid down in the crib with him (yes, its weird, I know). My plan was to lay with him until he fell asleep. Well 2 seconds later I hear the bedroom door open and the littlest says my name. OH MY WORD. Venom was ready to spit out of my mouth. "Get out" I said. She looked at me blankly (probably thinking, "What in the world is she doing in the crib?"). I say it again, "GET OUT", probably in the most annoyed, frustrated and pissed off tone I have.

It is then that I realize that there is no way Stinx will go back to sleep. Not now that he has seen a pretty blonde haired creature. And surely not after his mother has spoken in that awful mean tone (and who is also cursing quietly to herself now).

So I take Stinx down stairs and apologize immediately and profusely. I felt so awful for being so harsh with her. Terrible babysitter I am. It's just that she happened to cross that line.... It's a thin line and I know I shouldn't care.. But if Stinx and I are in his room with the door closed - it certainly means I don't want any interruptions. I know I should have made it EXTRA clear that I didn't want anyone to come upstairs.. I tried to explain that after too - the future plan. Next time I will know to make it very very clear. And maybe next time I won't snap and just realize, this nap is over.

I blame this crazy behavior on the intense sleep deprivation I suffered since Stinx was born. It's not that I have been sleep deprived the whole time.. but definitely the 1st year. It became obsessed with it. I nick named myself the Nap Nazi. And since Stinx has been sleeping so well since the spring and summer I am no longer the NN. But that does explain what happens when someone attempts to interrupt me during sleepy times... The Nap Nazi is still there, underneath my not so obsessed cover.

Sorry little M. I'll try to not freak at you next time... That is, if you didn't learn your lesson today. (Is that creepy? She doesn't read this.. I'm just being dramatic.. Haha.)

Oh man I am in a crazy mood today. Can you tell? Anyways... If you really want to torture me you could come over during nap time and throw rocks at Stinx window... I just can't promise I won't hurt you.

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