Thursday, October 16, 2008

Midwifery will be Funded!!

Today there was a press release about midwifery being funded in Alberta. This should happen in April of 2009. Holy moly. I am so pumped. I mean, I would have gone with midwives next time anyways, but now it will be free!!!! That is amazing. It's amazing that ANY WOMAN in Alberta can use midwives now. It won't be restricted to families who could pay the $3500.


To me, this means less c-sections. It means more meaningful positive birth experiences. It means birthing naturally.

Ah. This is a great change.

I feel just that much closer to being able to have a natural, vaginal childbirth...

Ahem, that is if I get pregnant...


Amber said...

Did you have a c-section the first time?

I am so pumped about the midwife news too! I wish it happened 3 years ago though...I might have saved myself some surgeries!

Stinx' Mom said...

Yeah I had a c-birth with Stinx. I feel the same way you do. I am so happy it will be free - but wish it could have been before I gave birth.