Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nap time surprise.

So I found out that there are a couple people who actually read this blog! See, I thought I was only writing to myself here. Well hello there people!

To update on our interest in adoption, we're just praying about it for now and will see how things go in November at the Foster Parenting info night. We really need to decide if we will be having 2 or 3 kids total.

Stinx and I went swimming with some friends yesterday. It was so much fun! I love that Cardel has cheap swim times for parents with young children. It's about $3.75 for both of us.

Stinx did sleep in until 8:00am yesterday and I thought that after swimming for 1.5 hrs he'd be super tired. We got out of the pool at noon and then had lunch at the tables. He ate so well, eating his whole sandwich. I thought for sure he would fall asleep in the car on the way home. Usually when he does this I am able to transfer him to his crib. However, he didn't fall asleep. "No Problem" I thought. I figured he'd nurse to sleep in a breeze (because he does for most naps). Well, I guess yesterday was just one of those days where God and Stinx like to switch things up on me. He totally didn't nurse to sleep. Finally after awhile I just put him in the crib and bolted. He listened to his musical teddy bear for awhile, whimpered for awhile and then I went to nurse him again but he had fallen asleep. That's probably the first time in months that he hasn't fallen to sleep at nap time without my help.

We used to have this great nap routine. It worked wonders. I would put him in his sleep sack, read some books, sing a song, and then he'd fall asleep in the crib (although I had to stay in the room). But when we moved in April, Stinx seemed to ask to nurse before his naps, and that is how we got into the nurse to sleep nap rut. Which really isn't a rut at all. In fact, nap times have been very pleasant since. I used to stress about them and get really frustrated when he wouldn't fall asleep. So now I quite enjoy putting him down for his nap. Its a nice peaceful time for both of us. Nursing just has that effect.

Now I have to admit that its partly much easier now that he is on one nap. He's just so tired that he falls asleep easily most of the time.

I do think the nurse to sleep for naps has been a blessing for us though. I really didn't want to nurse him before his naps... But that's another thing, I think God wanted me to be flexible to my child. If Stinx wants to nurse to sleep, so be it. And like yesterday, if he doesn't want to nurse to sleep - so be it.

And perhaps Stinx is slowly weaning himself. Which transitions me to the weaning topic.

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