Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I was cleaning up yesterday afternoon. I was putting the puzzle pieces away. I picked up a piece and realized there was a bug on it. My natural reaction was to shriek and throw the piece across the room. Yes, I know - sad. It was after all, a ladybug. Stinx was there beside me and wanted to know what made me react that way. He looked curiously at the ladybug. I decided to move it to the garage. I thought it was dead because it wouldn't move. As Stinx and I made our way with the ladybug to the garage, the bug decided to high tail it outta there. So when it finally moved, Stinx let out the biggest, girliest shriek ever! Poor guy. He's never been afraid of insects. Not until he heard me scream at one. I felt so bad. He really was frightened. I put my hand on his chest and it was just pounding super hard. I have never seen him so scared.

I realized immediately that he was only scared because I had shown him my reaction. So I let the ladybug crawl on me. This seemed to help him adjust to it. Finally he became more comfortable. I decided to place the ladybug in a clear Tupperware container so Stinx could watch him.

I wouldn't say he loved the ladybug, but he certainly was interested in it. He kept running back to it trying to say "Bug". It was really cute.

This morning we let the ladybug go free. Hopefully the frost tonight won't kill it. Oh well I guess. They all gotta go at some point.

Every Wednesday the garbage truck comes. If I hear the truck go by I tell Stinx, "There goes the garbage truck! Did you hear it?". Last week we waited for it to come by. I took him outside so he could get a really good look at it. He was in heaven.

So this morning when we woke up I told him the garbage truck would be coming again. He got really excited and immediately started looking for the truck. Finally when it did first come by I was actually on the phone with my mom. I was busy chatting away when Stinx start freaking with joy, he was trying to say "Truck" and get my attention. We were able to catch a glimpse of the truck. We didn't see it drive by as much as it usually does. It's normal by our place about 3 times. So it looks like Wednesday morning's are garbage truck watch out days.

Stinx and I were looking at the pictures from the week end (some of which are posted yesterday) and he was naming the people in the pictures. He's say "Dad" or "Mom" and then for Grandma he'd say "Bugma".. haha. It's so cute that he has a pet name for G-FiFI. Today when he tried saying grandma it did sound better but he also repeated Bugma.

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