Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Officially Teething

It's official. Stinx' eye teeth are coming in. ALL at once. The top 2 sharps points are out. The bottom 2 are swollen and puffy. Maybe they've broken through but I haven't dared to check yet today. Poor Stinx is a frustrated and angry boy these days. He's never been so fussy.

He's teething.

This morning he cried for 30 minutes straight. All because I had a shower. I tried to comfort him as best I could but nothing worked. Finally I grabbed the Hylands Teething Gel which seemed empty, cut the end off and stuck my finger in there, then wiped the homeopathic remedy onto his gums and he suddenly stopped crying. Not sure if it worked or if Stinx was just curiously distracted by the container I stuck my finger into. He then put his finger in it and wiped some on my lips. Haha. Needless to say, I am buying another tube of that stuff. Also, a friend recommended Baby Advil.. Maybe I'll give it a try too. The Tylenol doesn't seem to do much.

And, it's also official, he's going through the terrible two's. He's only 20 months. But I am sure "terrible two's" is the only possibly explanation besides teething as to why he freaks out, tantrums, and tests his aggression on the weak, smaller children. Namely his cousin R.

Just a couple months ago Stinx was the nice gentle toddler that was being pummeled by the terrible 2 year old toddlers. Now, unfortunately, it is his turn. Which means I have to keep my eyes on him even more so.

I babysat my cousins kids, K(age 3.5) and R(age 11months) this week and Stinx just couldn't resist hitting R on the head. I kept saying "No, don't hit, be gentle. Remember how to be gentle?". At which point he'd freak out. Or if R was hit hard enough he'd cry - which would send Stinx to the floor crying as well. I guess he's just trying to figure out the cause and effect. It wears on me though.

Although there was a breakthrough today. We had a Halloween party this morning and Stinx did very good for the most part. K and R were there and Stinx didn't hit R once (at least not that I saw, and oh - I was watching). At one point Stinx even held another girls face in his hands and gave her a kiss. It was the cutest thing ever. ever. ever.

So I guess he's not fussy all the time.

But when he is feisty, its wearing. I just really hope my son will be a gentleman one day. Not a brute. Terrible two's end eventually right?

The Halloween party was pretty fun. Except that I forgot to hand out the loot bags. Darn it. And that's not really the kind of thing you can give to people later. Like, "Hey, Merry Christmas, oh and here's the loot bag I meant to give you at the Halloween party"... right? or am I wrong?

On Sunday I experienced the worst shopping trip with Stinx, EVER. I was doing groceries. He wouldn't stay in the cart. I forgot the Toddler Hawk in the car. He wouldn't follow me. He was darting in front of fast paced carts. He had the worst tantrum. People were coming over and peering to see what was going on. I saw 14 year old girl giving me the stink eye.

I don't think I will be taking Stinx shopping ever again. OK, well maybe not until the terrible two's are over. The only place I plan on taking him is to playdates, the park, the zoo, and the nursery at church.

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Deb said...

If it makes you feel any better, Spud is going through the same thing. Bring Stinx over and I'll let Spud go after him (he's bigger after all). ;)