Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I totally got stuck in the snow today. I got Stinx in the car and drove down the street to drop something off at S's mom's house. I got out and gave S some stuff. I got back in the car and tried to drive away. I backed up a few feet but then got totally stuck. I tried driving forward, then backwards, then forwards, and then I tried cranking the wheel all the way and pressing the gas. Nothing. I got out of the car and asked S to help me. Thank goodness my friend knows what she's doing! She was like "Did you try rocking it?"... I had never even heard of that. Hmmm. She got into the driver's side and told me to get into the passenger seat so I could see what she was doing. She summed "rocking" it as "going forward and then backwards very quickly, again and again until your out". And it totally worked. Had she not been there to help me my car would still be in front of her mom's place. Which isn't that bad I guess since it's only like 5-6 houses down the street.

But I did need to go to the mall since it is Dad's birthday today. I put off getting him a card until today. I know, I'm terrible. So after S freed me from the snow Stinx and I went to the mall and got Dad some cards and some popcorn. He loves popcorn. His parents are babysitting Stinx tonight and we are going for dinner, and maybe a movie. Whoo Hoo.