Sunday, January 25, 2009

Florida or Bust

We left the freezing cold plains of Alberta for a lovely warm vacation in Florida. We have entrusted our home to my good friend Bryan who plans to enjoy living without a room mate for a week.

I was extremely nervous to fly with Stinx since he is just about two, and currently likes to do the opposite of what I would like him to. Thank goodness he is really into planes these days. The first flight went okay (considering we were minutes away from missing it! yikes!). He didn't tantrum but he was a little fussy. When we got to Dallas to transfer planes we had sometime to kill. Stinx got to ride on his very first sky train. This was also pretty monumental as he loves trains. About 20 minutes before our next flight I put Stinx into the Toddlerhawk as it was close to nap time. Sure enough he fell asleep very easily. We even managed to get him on the plane, take him out, lay him on our lap and he continued to snooze. We got a nice airplane blanket to cover him. He slept during take off. He slept for the entire flight! It was insane. I actually read my entire Wondertime magazine in one sitting (That never happens!). He woke up after our plane had been sitting for a few minutes at the Tampa airport. It was the perfect flight. I'm afraid that it went so well... Should I be in for a torturous flight home?
Once we were in Tampa we had to take a bus to our car rental. That was also a very huge moment for Stinx. He loves loves loves buses! So in one day he was his 2nd flight, took his 1st train and rode on his 1st bus.

The weather here is lovely, though locals have said it's been cold the past two weeks. Seems we arrived just in time. Ahhhh. Time to relax...


TulipGirl said...

Oh, you are just north of me!

Stinx' Mom said...

OH I am sooo envious you live in a such a beautiful place. We had a lovely time there.