Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rocker Mom

Does anyone else feel like the mom in Mothering Magazines latest issue and article about the Rocker Mom? I totally feel the same way as her. I know I don't look like a punk rocker anymore, but I know that I don't look like many of the other moms out there. The stretched ear lobes, wrist tattoo's, chuck taylor sneakers and the occasional shirt with a skull on it, stand out a bit in a crowd of mom's wearing conservative clothing. Sometimes I just feel like I don't "fit" in. Sometimes I hate that feeling. Sometimes I like that feeling. And most times, I simply don't care.
Stinx and I went swimming this past Wednesday during the Parent & Tot swim time. After our swim Stinx and I were eating our lunch at the tables beside the glass wall that over looks the pool. As we sat eating our oatmeal, I overheard some mom's at the table next to us.

"Did you see the mom with the wings tattoo on her back?"

My ears perked up a little when I realized this mom was talking about me. How often does a person get to overhear people gossiping about yourself? Clearly they didn't recognize me with my clothes on! haha. It seems the woman liked my tattoo. There was also a very heavily tattooed Mama in the pool as well that day and the conversation flowed into her tattoos. My ears dropped and I got distracted by Stinx... Until I heard the same Mom bring up my tattoo again. Seems she really liked it!

Like the Mother in the Mothering article, I hope to care less what other people think of me and my image, as long as I am being the Mother I need to be.


Kelsey Fiona said...
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Kelsey Fiona said...

I'm sure one day I'll feel the same way too!

Kelsey Fiona said...

"did you see that mom with the bong on her leg?"


Stinx' Mom said...

Kels did you delete the first comment? Trying to figure that out.

Bong tattoo! Muahahaha. At least when you finally get around to having a baby of your own, we can both hang out together and look like rocker moms.

Kelsey Fiona said...

I think I spelled something wrong a deleted it... ya know cause I'm an LD! <3 hahaha