Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday we spent the day at Busch Gardens. I didn't know much about it and was totally blown away once we were there. It reminded me of the Stampede and the Zoo mixed together except without any crowds. There were lots of animals, fun rides, games, parks etc. S even talked me into going on the roller coaster with her. I hadn't been on one in soo long, probably since I was in high school. That's like 10 years ago!!! It was actually really fun. All in all it was a fun day, though Stinx skipped his nap. I intended to wear him for his nap but then just skipped the nap altogether. Stinx slept liked poo last night. Having no nap didn't help and the amusement park was clearly too stimulating. He kept tossing and turning very fitfully and even talked in his sleep saying "Cheese" (from when we were taking pictures). Today we went for a little drive and then went swimming in the pool at the cottage. Stinx just woke from his nap and our next plan is to go for ice cream. Yum.

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Kelsey Fiona said...

I hope you guys are having lots of fun!! Miss talking to you!