Thursday, August 13, 2009

Public Doucies

Today Stinx and I went looking for training pants. I realized the other day that most of his current trainers are too small, aka difficult to pull up and down (a concept he hasn't mastered), like size 18 months (he is almost 30 months). So I am currently on the hunt.

While hunting in Army & Navy I passed a woman sitting on a bench in front of the change rooms. There she sat nursing her toddler. He was probably 18 months old. I was so impressed. She wasn't the *typical* extended breastfeeding mother I see on occasion (aka a hippy). She was of an ethnic minority and dressed in her culturally traditional clothing.

I turned to her and said, "It's so nice to see people breastfeeding in public! It makes me happy". I then smiled and walked away. She just smiled back.

She probably thought I was crazy. Haha. I just wanted to say something encouraging. It really was nice to see.


Alisha said...

Who are you calling a hippy? lol

Stinx' Mom said...

Everyone in the AP playgroup! LOL.