Thursday, August 20, 2009

Planning for a VBAC

So as my due date comes closer I am thinking more about this upcoming birth. I am trying to focus on how it can be a more positive experience than the first. Not depending on which way baby arrives, VBAC vs C-Birth, but how it can be better. Of course, my goal is to have a natural VBAC, but what matters the most is that baby arrives safely and that I feel informed and in control of the experience.

Let's say for example, baby is breech, I will probably have to have a c-birth. That doesn't mean history has to repeat itself. In some ways, planned c-birth's are easy to prepare for. You are expecting it. But in the case I might need another emergency c-birth, it doesn't have to be a repeat of Stinx birth. Things I want to do differently, should a c-birth be necessary? I want to hold my baby and not let go after a few minutes. I want to nurse my baby right away, as soon as possible. If for some reason I can't hold the baby, baby must stay with Dad. I would want less pain medication so I'm not high as a kite! I'd never leave baby out of Dad's or mines vision. This baby would be with all the time, not off in the nursery waiting to be bathed. And not really super important but one regret I have, I want to see my placenta.

That said, I am not planning for a c-birth. That is just my emergency back up plan. If a c-birth is necessary, I do believe it can be an entirely different experience this time around. Partly because I feel I will be doing everything humanly possible to avoid one, meaning that if one is required, it will be needed. I won't be left wondering if it was needed or not.

So coming back to the VBAC. I've picked out an awesome doula with lots of VBAC experience. Her resume is seriously impressive. I feel that with her by Dad and I's side, she will be a huge support. I know I will be able to ask her questions and get an unbiased answer. From what I read, having a doula at a VBAC is the #1 best thing you can do to prepare - even more so than a good doctor or midwife. I've also signed up for a VBAC class with the local health region. I haven't talked to anyone who's taken the class so I am interested in seeing how it goes. It will be two evenings in the fall.

Anti-Kels and I went to a LLL meeting on Monday and while I was there I browsed their library. I was sooo happy to find they had The VBAC Companion book. I have looked high and low for this book. It's a bit pricey to buy on-line so I was hoping to find a copy locally. My doula has a copy but I am not sure when I will be able to borrow it. So I started reading that this week as well. I've also got a copy of Birthing From Within (that I totally scored at Goodwill!) and I read through bit's of Ina May's book too. So I am trying to fill myself with as much knowledge as possible.

Our local VBAC group isn't running currently so I am trying to organize a Mom's Night Out or Playdate with the VBAC mama's in my local attachment parenting playgroup. I am really looking forward to hearing all of their first hand experience and advice. I can read tons of info on-line but there's something reassuring about talking to people who have really experienced something.

I can do it. At this moment, there is no reason why I won't be able to have this baby girl naturally. I can do it. My body was designed to do this.


half pint pixie said...

I can't offer any advice but I just wanted to say you sound very positive and also very empowered and involved and that is always a good thing! Best of luck my dear x

ONCE upon a time.... said...

I didn't have a VBAC or a c-birth but I can say this: I think people exaggerate when they talk about the pain! It did not feel like I was "ripping from the inside" it was just discomfort, not something you would choose to go do. But unlike, say, a broken arm, there was a great prize after all that discomfort. I encourage you to look up "Hypnobirthing" or "Hypnobabies" (same concept, different names). I used Hypnobirthing and LOVED it. I endured a 27-hour labor, 5 hours of pushing, without an epidural! I used the tub for relaxation and my hubby was GREAT at keeping me calm and relaxed, even at the end. So I wish you the very, very best birth!! Your attitude is great and that's half the battle! ~camille :)