Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting back to routine

I have been attempting to get Stinx and myself back into a routine now that I am feeling better. Some of it is going well. He's been watching a lot less TV, eating at the table more, but the nap... That just might have been wishful thinking. I think the nap really is on the way out. It worked the first couple days but after that it wasn't working. And I definitely tried. I think he will still nap every few days (If I put my effort into it) but realistically, the nap is on the way out. I guess he's just getting older.
We've also been getting out a lot more. I think this has helped tremendously! Activities are always nice... Even if it is a trip to the dentist.

Yesterday Stinx had his 2nd visit. This dentist was way better than the first I took him to. Stinx still got upset and cried when the dentist looked in his mouth. Afterwards the dentist asked me how Stinx does getting his hair cut and or seeing the doctor. I mentioned that he's done really well, but now that he pointed it out, Stinx is very cautious in new surroundings. DUH! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. He does well at the doctor because he's seen her since he was a tiny baby. The hair dresser - he's a little reluctant, acts very shy, but doesn't cry. But it totally makes sense with the dentist. When the assistant brought us to the back Stinx was nervous. I got him to sit in my lap and after awhile, maybe 5 minutes, he warmed up to her. He was looking around at the other kid next to him, asking what the assistant was doing etc. He just needed time to get comfortable. Then the dentist comes in and introduces himself. He was very quiet and gentle but after a minute he wants Stinx to lay his head on a pillow in his lap and open his mouth wide. DUH, he's scared, he doesn't know you at all. So yeah, at the next appointment I am going to ask that the dentist hang out with us for like 5 minutes before starting the open mouth exam stuff. I have a feeling it will go much better. Stinx is just a cautious little guy. He doesn't jump into things.
So back to activities! I have signed Stinx up for his very first swimming lessons and a dance class. Both classes are parented and 30 minutes long. Swimming will be on Mondays and dance will be on Thursdays. I think this will help us get out of the house more in the fall. Although, I am nervous about the dance class... what if I can't keep up? I'll be 7-8 months along by then. LOL.

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