Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grocery Delivery!

I know I am really whiny when it comes to groceries. I know I've blogged about it all too often. But this should be the last one... I promise.

Yesterday I gave in and decided to actually try grocery delivery. Everyone has recommended Spud.ca so I checked them out first. They seem to only deliver to once a week depending which neighborhood you are in. They wouldn't be in my neighborhood until Friday and I decided that was too long to wait. So I then tried the Sunterra Market. They do same day delivery and the charge is only $8. The website was being really annoying last night but I finally got it to work. My order was supposed to be delivered between 10am-1pm today. By 1:30 they hadn't arrived and I worried my order didn't go through. I called them and it turned out their website wasn't working properly this week end. However, they did get my order, they were just behind. The person on the phone told me the delivery would be there soon.

And by 2pm it was at my door. Amazing! Groceries at my door. I love the concept.

Forget about low blood pressure and fainting! Forget about the toddler throwing a fit in the grocery store! Just stay home. Let someone else do it for you.

And yeah, I know, Sunterra Market isn't cheap. We won't be ordering groceries every week. But when I don't feel well or when Dad is out of town for work, I will definitely be ordering my groceries!

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Alisha said...

That is awesome!