Monday, August 3, 2009

One Wicked Storm

Yesterday Stinx didn't nap. Some days he just refuses. Some days it takes him forever to fall asleep. When he doesn't nap, he'll often wake up at night once or twice - which tells me he still needs a nap. But anyways... Yesterday was one of those non-nap days. Dad and I went to a wedding reception in the evening and Bugma was babysitting. Bugma put Stinx to sleep at about 8:15pm.

I probably didn't go to bed until 11pm. At 1:15am Stinx woke up calling for me. I went to his room and snuggled him back to sleep. Then I snuck out and enjoyed my big bed again. About an hour later I heard this really strange sound on the monitor. I thought he had woken up but it turned out to just be wind and rain. Then it got louder, really loud. The next thing I know it's hailing and it's sooo loud I am convinced Stinx will wake up any moment. I sneak back into his room. I knew that if he woke up he would be really frightened. The wind, hail, thunder and lightening were all really close and intense. And it was loud. Did I mention that?

So I waited. and waited. and waited. Stinx slept through it. It sounded like a tornado was buzzing around the neighborhood but he slept through it. Finally once the storm settled and moved east I snuck back into my own room and went back to sleep.

An hour later, "Mom!!!!". He woke up again!!!

How is it that my child woke up before the crazy scary storm, and after the crazy scary storm, but not during? I got such a kick out of that.. well kinda, I was sorta tired and exhausted in the middle of the night but... it was still kinda funny. He can sleep through anything I guess... He just can't transition from sleep cycles.


~camille said...

i'm soooo glad to find out that my child isn't the only one who REFUSES to nap some days. Currently he's in his room calling for me and crying a HURTS to listen to him but i also know he needs a nap....anyway, sounds like your little guy liked the "white noise" of the LOUD storm! ;) thanks for posting!

Kelly said...

That sounds like my night almost! Judith WOULD NOT fall asleep until 1 (she kept turning her light on and playing in her room, waking Gideon up and he was MAD), and then I lied in bed awake until the storm started. I was so freaked out, it was dark and quiet, and then suddenly it was non-stop lightening, thunder, hail and wind! I actually got up and checked the weather network to make sure there wasn't a tornado warning. Then I stayed in the kids room until it subsided, because I just didn't feel right being away from them. But no one else woke up! I couldn't believe it. I was pretty scared, haha.