Monday, February 18, 2013

Sick Days In Texas

What a crazy few days.

On Friday morning we were running a bit late getting to school. Stinx just would not do anything to get ready. Then the kids started playing very sweetly with one another and both refused to leave the house Finally I convinced them to go but Stinx hadn't gone to the washroom or eaten breakfast. Stinx decided to pee on the fence. Thankfully I also thought ahead and brought apples so he could eat on the way.

Just as we were approaching Stinx' school, Bitta started complaing that her back hurt and I was all like "Don't worry, we are almost there".

Then I heard a strange sound.

I looked back and she was puking all over herself and the portable dvd player she was watching.

Purple puke because she had just had a banana blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

I pulled into the parking lot and took her out. It was everywhere. I happened to bring an extra dress because she had spilled the smoothie on her dress but we hadn't had time to change. I changed her right there in the parking lot. Someone kindly brought Stinx into the school for me. I cleaned up what I could. The car seat was seriously not worth cleaning.

First of all, I have been planning to throw it out for ages but just hadn't got around to it. It was dirty because I had never figured out how to take the cover off. It was Stinx first car seat after the infant car seat. Bitta has been complaining for months that this seat makes her back hurt. I also thought it was expiring soon. So I planned to throw it out. I took Bitta to Target to see if I could buy Stinx a booster seat and have Bitta use Stinx' current seat.

I couldn't decide so I took her to Toys R Us. I don't know what possessed me to go shopping with a kid who just puked. I guess I was panicking about how I would pick up Stinx later. I eventually found some common sense and asked a friend if I could borrow one of her extra seats.

The kicker is that we actually have a booster seat but it was in the Husbands car. The husband had left for Louisiana at the same time we had left for school. Anyways. I got the car seat from my friend and then did groceries. YES, I am crazy. Looking back this was insane. But I felt like I had no choice. The husband was out of town and we really needed groceries to survive the long week end. Bitta wasn't really upset... Just super lethargic. And I definitely didn't want to do groceries later with 2 kids. Bitta actually fell asleep in the Whole Foods shopping cart.

Bitta spent the rest of the day sleeping. She slept like a newborn. She must have been so tired.

Saturday I had other errands to do and Bitta was feeling better. Stinx has a birthday coming up so I really felt like I needed to get some of this stuff sooner than later. I also kept looking for a booster or harness seat for Stinx. After 3-4 hours doing errands we picked up everything we needed, even the car seat. I installed the car seat and realized that Stinx had outgrown his old car seat.... like, a long time ago. So thank goodness we finally got a new one for him. Now Bitta will use his old one.

Sunday was fine. We just hung out and took the day to recover. Then the Husband came home. Yay.

Monday brings us to today. Stinx has been sick all day with the stomach flu. Poor guy. He's had a tummy ache and isn't handling it well... He is almost the stereotypical sick man. My poor sweets.

Unfortunately Stinx has gone through numerous clothing changes and now after doing some laundry my dryer has died. Terrible terrible timing.... Ugh.

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