Monday, February 11, 2013

RIP Blankie

Poor wee Bitta. She lost her beloved Blankie on December 15th, 2012. We had dropped Stinx off at a birthday party and decided to kill some time at the nearby mall. It was Christmas season. It was busy. Bitta insisted we bring blankie along. I'm not entirely sure when Blankie slipped away from us.

My top 2 guess are: 1. I may have left it in the playplace. I suspect a person stole it. 2. After leaving the playplace I think I remember draping Blankie on my should bag. Sometimes when I would do this, Blankie would slip off. I fear Blankie slipped off. After walking to the exit, approximately 10 minutes after leaving the playplace I realized Blankie was gone. We quickly walked back checking our previous path. Nothing.

Checked the playplace... Nothing.

I eyed up a couple moms who were sitting near me in the play area... Did they steal it? I will never know.

I checked at the lost and found. I looked in the garbage cans. I walked into every single store between the playplace and the exit. I asked every single cleaning lady and security guard I could find. Nothing.

Blankie was gone. T

To make matters worse, I ended up running a bit late to pick up Stinx from the party. It didn't help that I ended up taking the wrong exit off the freeway. I was 30 minutes late picking him up. I was mortified. How embarassing. To make matters worse, I was an emotional wreck for having misplaced Blankie.

After getting Stinx we went back to the mall to try again. Nothing.

I went back every day for a few days... Checking the lost and found with no good news. I got family to check the store where Blankie was originally purchased... they don't sell that style anymore. I posted ads on craigslist and other random listings.. including the one made for missing loveys. Nothing.

I went to the local Good Will... hoping someone dropped it off there. Nothing.

Through all of this Bitta took it like a champ. She didn't freak out or have a tantrum. She was just really sad, like she had lost her best friend. I ended up making her a little Photo Book of Blankie through shutterfly. At least we have pictures right?

 Tonight I got a crazy idea. I decided to post a wanted ad on the kijiji classifieds back home. Only problem is that it won't post for some reason. Drats. I got another crazy idea to post wanted posts on baby boards in my home city. Maybe, just maybe, one out of those 2200 moms may have an exact blankie lying around, unloved.
Leaving you with the first picture of Bitta & Blankie as well as the last.

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