Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Treasures You Find

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon at my mom's place (aka Bubga aka Bugma). I was literally there from 1pm to 9:30pm. We had planned, weeks ago, that I would come over and help her declutter her house. My parents have lived there for about 23 years and have accumulated large quantities of "stuff". They have 5 bedrooms in their house and all of them are full of "stuff".

Anti-Kels and Boyfriend will be staying for a short while before getting their own place. This is why Bubga is panicking to clean the place up. There just isn't enough room for an extra 2 people and all of there belongings.

I wish I could say we cleaned everything out but it wasn't that miraculous. We did manage to de-clutter the 2 rooms upstairs as well as one hall closet.

It was pretty fun going through some of the stuff. I even found some special items I had totally forgotten about. There was this wooden Green Day Dookie plaque I had made in the 8th grade shop class. There was a personal fan letter that I had never managed to mailed to Tim Armstrong of Rancid (so glad that never got mailed - I should post it on here as it is sooo ridiculous). I also found a little stuffed monkey which made my heart all fuzzy and I am wondering if it was my lovey.

This is totally off topic but worth mentioning because of the monkey. I have asked my mom if I ever had a lovey and she denies I had one. Anti-Kels had a lovey that everyone in the family remembers to this day... Not me, apparently I was too good for Lovies or something. So yeah, secretly I like to think this cute little monkey was my lovey.

Back to the found goods. I found a very precious gem of mine. I mentioned it awhile ago in this post.

It's my very first garage sale find! It used to have many more rock people on it but I found it really tempting to pick them off the rock. I liked taking them off but it kinda disturbed me too. Thankfully there are 6 survivors. It warms my heart knowing this thing is still around.


Alisha said...

I should ask my mom about your monkey...

Kelsey Fiona said...

Hahaha My lovey for ever remembered and cherished. I'm still upset mom got rid of it one day and pretended to have "no clue" where the yellow blanket vanished to. At least it wasn't as horrific as when Jen lost her pink blanket due to a step-grandma throwing it into a FIRE right in front of her!!

I totally remember being jealous of that rock with rock people on it... it's still really cool.