Friday, December 18, 2009

Last post?

Stinx was in quite the "mow-e" mood today. Which in the Keith language means "cuddly". He kept giving the baby hugs. It was pretty cute. Hopefully he'll want to be gentle and cuddly once she's here too. Which won't be too much longer. I am due in just 3-4 days. This very well could be my last blog post before she arrives.. and then who knows when I'll get around to posting once she is here. I imagine the first little while I will be busy sleeping and feeding her doucies and changing those cute itty bitty diapers...
We still haven't decided on a name. I feel terrible about this. I never thought we'd leave it this long. But maybe we just need to see her first. I have 2 thoughts on this.
a) she won't arrive until we pick a name
b) a name won't arrive until she does
So meh... I guess we'll figure something out eventually.
I am trying not to be too anxious about her coming. Earlier this week I was getting really panicky about her arrival. I think in part because I had Stinx at exactly 39 weeks.. and I am now past that point. I was also obsessing about induction. I'm worried that the longer I go the more interventions will take place. I talked to my doula though and she basically told me to chill out and take each day as it comes. And she's right. There is nothing I can do. This is just totally out of my control. This baby girl will come when she is ready! And imo, in God's perfect timing.
Stinx and I have had lots of special moments in the last couple weeks. I have really been enjoying my only child while I can. We went on an awesome date last week to Humpty's. We had a very delicious meal: the waffle dream (waffle with ice cream). Yummo! As a family we went to the zoo's Christmas special event, Zoolites. That was pretty cool. Tonight we drove around the city looking at different Christmas light displays.
Well there is more I wanted to say but I am getting tired and should be off to bed now. Hopefully my next post will be the announcement of our new baby girl.. and hopefully she'll have a name.

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Alisha said...

Just relax, and have a bath every night. :)