Tuesday, November 24, 2009

4 More Weeks

Life has been very crazy lately. At the end of October and begining of November I took the health regions VBAC class. Overall I thought the class was worth taking. It was only a 2 night class and I felt it should have been 3-4 nights. The first night it felt like we wasted too much time talking about the pro's & con's of c-birth and VBAC's. Like, Hello! I signed up for a vbac class because I've already decided the benefits outweigh the cons! But I guess not everyone had completely made that decision. But that's typical for a health region class... like at a regular prenatal class they list the pro's and con's of formula and breastfeeding... anyways!

I also organized a local VBAC meet up. I invited mom's from the local AP group who had had VBAC's or were planning to. We met up at the wonderful Room To Grow and the mom's who had VBAC's shared their inspiring birth stories. It was really nice to hear the experiences of these moms and the challenges they overcame. There is talk that the Calgary VBAC Support Group will be starting up again in January. I really hope it does as there is a huge need for it. Hopefully my VBAC will be "successful" and I can help with these meetings down the road.

On top of preparing for the baby girl on the way I have been sewing nerdsicles like crazy. I did my first sale ever at a local flea market. I did way better than expected due to support from friends and family. It wiped out quite a bit of my "stock" so I have been madly sewing for the sale this coming Saturday. It will be interesting to see how I do at this sale. This one is at my local community centre and features only hand made crafts (where as the flea market was more like a garage sale). And since most of my friends came to the last one I think this one will give me a more accurate picture of local interest. After this sale though I am shutting down the nerdsicle production. I'm going to need the following 3 weeks to get ready for baby... cleaning, mental preparation etc.

Dad and I are still struggling with the baby's name. We've narrowed it down to 5-6 but none of them seem perfect. Girl names are soo hard! I had a boy's name picked out ages ago but a girls name, of course not!

I had an U/S yesterday to check on my amniotic fluid (it was low near the end with Stinx). While doing the U/S they took some 3D pictures (I think because one of the techs was a student). They showed it to me afterward and it was pretty cool, but also kind of creepy. It looked like a typical 3D U/S. The picture was kind of clear but then around the edges it looked all weird and morphed.. just kinda creepy. She had her hand up by her face so it was more of a profile shot. The tech also said she wasn't very active yesterday because I hadn't had anything to eat right before the U/S. I didn't mind though because at all of the other U/S the techs comment that she is a "spirited" little one. So I really didn't mind that she was mellow yesterday. And it's getting kinda cramped in there anyway.. probaby not enough room to wiggle like crazy. Her breathing and heart rate were good and she did move around a few times just not as much as they wanted I guess... There might have been a couple shots they couldn't take because of her position.

Stinx is doing pretty good these days. He's cutting his last 2 molars. YAY!!!! They'll be in completely before the baby comes. I am soo happy about that. He's been obsessed with puzzles lately. I saw an add on kijiji for a whole wack of puzzles so I might get them for him... might be a good quiet time activity for when the baby is here.

I can't believe Christmas is a month away.... There is so much I want to do but I feel like I am running out of time... ah. Once this craft sale is over I can focus a lot more on the things I need to do.

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